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design by Vittore Niolu

A new and surprising pair

The Motus project by Scavolini, designed by Vittore Niolu, brings together function and entertainment, privacy and familiarity, using “independent” elements that can be put together and taken apart, and even recombined over time, based on the available space and functional needs. The idea of kitchen and living room evolves in total creative liberty. A brand new proposal that allows an infinite number of configurations: surprising not only in its unusual lines but also in its essential and elegant design with details that reveal a new identity of the environment we work and live in today. Marks of distinction include the asymmetric opening of the door with no handle, the unique interpretation of the glass door, the geometry of the shaped drawer, the new island and peninsula units; and the sophisticated chromatic range of the elements (gloss and matt lacquer, or melamine with matching finishes) proposed in a line dedicated to today’s most popular colours.

Vittore Niolu
Vittore Niolu
Today, the kitchen – together with the living room – is more and more a place for talking and spending time together

Colours and stains

Motus is available in the following variants

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