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Design by Micheal Young

New style

"For this project we started from the desire to create an aesthetic with no horizons, playing with the elements on horizontal axes and discovering all the compositional possibilities. With a brand-new point of view for the kitchen world."
With these words Michael Young, who created the Tetrix kitchen for Scavolini, unveils the core and style of an innovative kitchen area, essentially based on modules and colours, which use logic and colour patterns to revolutionise the concept itself of living.
It is no longer limited but “open”, playful and free to manifest itself in any area.

Tetrix is:

Single colour: Modules and colours make your Tetrix kitchen unique. To personalise your composition you can choose one colour.
Colour blocks: With the available colours you can also personalise parts of the composition or blocks of modules (base units, wall units and tall units), creating customised colour configurations.
Colour kit: For Tetrix it is possible to choose among the 20 colour kits (which cannot be changed) designed by Michael Young. The chance to freely choose a colour for the top units and top boxes will allow for further customisation.

Michael Young
Michael Young
A brand-new point of view for the kitchen world

Colours and stains

Tetrix is available in the following variants

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